Центр инновационных образовательных технологий

Адаптации образовательной системы к цифровому поколению при помощи активного и эффективного использования основанных на ИКТ инновационных образовательных технологий, тем самым способствуя цифровой трансформации образования.

Digital Educational Resources Development Division

Basic goals

- improving the effectiveness of the center in the field of planning and organization of the educational process;

- research and development of new educational technologies aimed at building learning support systems and personalized educational spaces.

Main goals

  • study of the best foreign experience of organizations in the application and implementation of sdgs, development of appropriate proposals;
  • methodological and technical support for the work of ATU teachers in creating a cor that is competitive in the international market of educational services;
  • application of the DER in the implementation of educational programs;
  • development of DER for implementation in the mooc in current areas of the Digital Kazakhstan Program»;
  • organization of courses (seminars) for teaching staff of departments on the development of DER, electronic textbooks, online courses;
  • development and dissemination of Guidelines for the use of innovative educational technologies among teaching staff;
  • development and filling of the catalog of innovative educational technologies and didactic models of digital learning;
  • improving the virtual learning environment of ATU-an electronic and digital learning platform;
  • organizing the creation of virtual laboratories for engineering courses;
  • organizing the creation of interactive multimedia training materials;
  • digital design and modeling of technological processes and objects;
  • improving the methodological and technical qualities of the cor;
  • authorization of access to the DER.

Staff composition




Telephon: 8 727 396 71 33 int.159

E-mail: mook@atu.kz


The programmer-designer

Telephon: 8 727 396 71 33 int 157

E-mail: mook@atu.kz

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