Центр инновационных образовательных технологий

Адаптации образовательной системы к цифровому поколению при помощи активного и эффективного использования основанных на ИКТ инновационных образовательных технологий, тем самым способствуя цифровой трансформации образования.



about the center

   The Center for Educational Technologies was created in response to the initiative of the European Commission on “Opening Education for All with the Use of New Technologies” and in accordance with the project “Modernization of Higher Education in Central Asia through New Technologies (HiEdTec)”.

   The main goal of the Center is to promote: adaptation of the educational system to the digital generation through the active and effective use of ICT-based innovative educational technologies, thereby contributing to the digital transformation of education, raising the status of the university in the national, European and world educational space.

Our department

E-learning Department

The e-learning Department provides methodological and technical support for the work of teachers of ATU to create educational content in the mooc format, competitive in the international market of educational services

The Department of development of digital educational resources

Development of high-tech digital educational resources of various types, organization of courses (seminars) for teaching staff of departments on development of DER, support of learning processes on open education platforms


The opportunity for students to build their own training schedule, as well as determine the duration of classes

courses and seminars

The opportunity to gain accumulated knowledge in a short period of time

development DER

Opportunities for creation, development and application of digital educational resources

interactive tutorial

Possibility to create modern electronic textbooks with interactive multimedia content

Teaching PTS

Training PTS on the creation of digital educational resources and massive open online courses

virtual laboratory

Possibilities and practice of application of various programs for creation of virtual laboratory works



online courses CIET staff and trainers trained during the Erasmus+ Project “Modernization




Work schedule

Monday-Friday : 8:30-17:30
Dinner : 12:30-13:30

We are here

Almaty city, Furkat street, 348/4
Cabinet: 201, 203, 204
Tel: +7 (727) 396 71 33
Internal: 157, 159, 160
Email: mook@atu.kz

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