Центр инновационных образовательных технологий

Адаптации образовательной системы к цифровому поколению при помощи активного и эффективного использования основанных на ИКТ инновационных образовательных технологий, тем самым способствуя цифровой трансформации образования.

Modernization of higher education in Central Asia through new technologies

Modernization of higher education in Central Asia through new technologies

On the 30th of September, 2020 in a mixed format was held preliminary monitoring of the project “Modernization of higher education in Central Asia through new technologies” at the Eurasian national University (//hiedtec.ecs.uni-ruse.bg), organized by the National Office of Erasmus+ in Kazakhstan. The meeting was conducted by the Director of the Office, Mrs. Tasbulatova Sh.U. There were representatives of the universities participating in the project from the Eurasian National University, Almaty Technological University and Innovative Eurasian University.

Our University at city Nur-Sultan was represented by the head of International Relations and Academic Mobility Department Uvakassova L.T. and by Director of the Center of Innovative Educational Technologies Medvedkov E. B. On online the meeting was attended by Vice-Rector by educational-methodical work Baybolova L. K., head of Educational-Methodical Department Akhmetova N.K., head of Quality and Accreditation Department Satvaldinova A. G. and head of the Department of Information Technologies Sadykov M. K.

According to the results of the meeting, Mrs. Tasbulatova Sh.U. noted the cohesion and performance of the project team from ATU. The main directions of work and immediate tasks were also identified, the solution of which will contribute to the successful completion of the project.


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